“Flank That Tank!” — tanks with an emphasis on physics

“Flank That Tank!” — this game is about tanks and only about them! It has nothing to do with WOT Blitz, has a very different mechanic and made in 2D-format. The game has only one feature that distinguishes it from all other similar — that’s physics. Better degradability in these games are not met.

I always start the review with graphics, so this time would draw her attention. The picture in the FTT is not very good, to put it mildly. Tank models seem to be rough, unpleasant texture eye, and the effects of fire and smoke do not cause delight. In short, the FTT is not for lovers of beautiful pictures.

For whom is this game?

For lovers of physics. All destructible objects on the map. Walls can be damaged not only by weapons, but by a collision. On the map are boxes with ammunition. As you may have guessed, the player’s task is to destroy all enemy tanks.

In total, the game features 23 levels, and if to some this may seem small, the developer gave the game a Sandbox mode where you can without enemies to test the capabilities of the tank and its handling.

The game offers over 209 rubles unlock all levels in case if the player will have problems with the passage. Think such people will not be very much, because in the settings you can choose the level of difficulty. By the way, it also configures the management; Yes, the settings in the game are not too flexible, but this is a budget project that does not claim anything.

Application: Flank That Tank!
Developer: Game Studio Abraham Stolk
Category: Arcade
Version: 1.21
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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