Flagship phone coming from the company Redmi appears in a leaked video, it features a hole in the screen and three cameras in the back

Redmi Note 7

We’ve heard about the flagship phone equipped with the processor Snapdragon 855 next sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company since late last February, and recently confirmed to us the Director-General of the Chinese company having this phone. Now, it is said that this phone is on the back in a realistic video leaked which gave us the opportunity to review his design.

This video reviews US phone Redmi coming from the front and rear. In the front, note that the phone screen will have a hole in the top middle section for the front camera, unlike other phones that we have seen so far such as Honor View 20 series Galaxy S10 Series.

Instead of having a hole in the left corner or right corner, the phone hole in the Middle top of the screen. While it seems this design is more efficient to a certain extent from the design diameter of water, then one has to wonder whether the office continue the efforts of the additional development. Regardless of the holes, there are also contains slim frame in the left and right sides of the screen, and a frame a little thick in the upper and lower sides.

And when it comes time to face the background, we note the presence of the three cameras in vertical position, the LED flash, as well as a sensor fingerprint. It seems that the back of the phone has shine, but it is unclear whether the backend is covered with glass or plastic.


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