Fix a loophole in Facebook they allow access to some user data

اصلاح ثغرة في فيسبوك كانت تسمح بالوصول لبعض بيانات المستخدم

Facebook fixes security flaw allows access to information about the user as attention to his own and admiring the pages and of course without the user’s knowledge, the report of the researcher of the security Ron Diamond the loophole that displays information via the mechanism of penetration of tracking the process of sending a request for a fake over the sites known as (CSRF).

The researcher explained in his report that the search bar of your Facebook not protected from breakthroughs CSRF that can be accessed freely simple to some data, the user’s profile on Facebook has been logged into in another tab, any cross-demand fake followed in the CSRF.

And short of how that may work out the location of the embed type in a web page within another web page in order to collect information about the user in a fraudulent manner, where this method allows the crossing of information across domains of different sites; which means once the user’s consent on an order or a request appears not suddenly or in the event of his visit of a certain web site can the hacker access to information about the user and his friends.

Said Ron Maas that this problem is not a problem unique or special social network due to the type of information available that described the party to buy advertising to find out the directions of the user, in turn, thanked the company Facebook researcher on the report, spokesman, speaking on behalf of her margarita South that said “We appreciate the report of the researcher who submitted it to our program to reward gap”.

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