Five reasons to make the iPad Pro the new best of computer!

Apple announced the end of last month about the devices iPad Pro New officially the size of 11 inches and 12.9 inches, with the LCD screens with the edges of the minute design and Slim, which is equipped with a set of slices A12X power. It can run the desktop version of Photoshop and technical support to open a lock by Face ID with ease, but that’s not all!

Apple will see that their new could be your alternative template for a personal computer, where the American company issuing a video review the five major reasons devices make iPad Pro 2018 even better than the computer.

According to Apple, the first reason to make the iPad Pro better than laptop is the chipset A12X power that depends on the iPad Pro new and make it stronger than any computer traditionally.

The second reason you won’t sign the pledge to use the iPad Pro thanks to the App Store, where the device can be used to broadcast and watch movies and read books and get a range of programs to work on your movies, and studio musician incubator with your complete tools to create your music, and many other functions of the construction and modification provided by computer programs.

And the third reason referred Apple to a very important feature in the iPad Pro 2018 new, which feature light weight, battery, big, where the system weighs about one pound and provides its battery up to 10 hours of continuous playback, which saves you a call during the development, very well.

The fourth reason in the video is the multi-touch screen high sensitivity in the iPad Pro with the features of rapid transit between applications where only you can press and to move content between applications and each other just like that property in the personal computer.

The reason why the fifth and last that distinguishes the iPad Pro is a registry Apple smartphone, which allows the user to process the graphics and outputs of minutes and even sign documents remotely.

And now you can watch the video published by Apple:

What do you think of these features? Share with us your opinion and share your experience with the iPad Pro 2018 in the comments.

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