Five failures of Google in 2018

Any company can make mistakes and make bad decisions. Are no exception, and such monsters of the industry such as Google. We decided to recall some nasty incidents with the company in 2018.

Other companies also make mistakes. For example, the errors of Apple in recent times become more significant, but, as practice has shown, Google is also not lagging behind.

The main failures of Google

  • data leakage
  • incorrect work with staff
  • the issue of unusual gadgets

and many others…

A little more

For anybody not a secret that $ 10 million lot of money, but for large companies this is not so critical. So, at the end of this year, one of the interns, the company managed to make a mistake with the advertising, which resulted in the loss of such amount.

Intern at Google posted an online auction for test is the yellow rectangle at a price of 25 $ for 1000 hits, although the normal price is $ 2-4.

Error only noticed after hours and during this time, ads were separated in different apps, and sites. Most of the spending went to damages, but it is unlikely to harm the financial or reputational status of the company.

According to analysts of the Financial Times estimated the amount, but to allow such an oversight is very difficult, because the start-up of host does not make one button. You need to conduct some mistaken operations. It turns out that the chances of this happening were very low, but it happened.

How else was wrong Google

As usual, minor bugs big company no one believes, and the more serious we tried to collect in one video posted in the beginning of this post or here. You can also see the mistakes made, the main competitor to Google, and discuss these errors in our Telegram chat.

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