Fitbit Versa Lite.. h a few hand price multiple advantages

The company revealed a Fitbit a few days ago, about the Smart Watch Fitbit Versa Lite, which is not characterized by price and occasion, but also the potential of great technique, make it clear in those lines.

Price, design and

Fitbit Versa Lite.. ساعة اليد قليلة الثمن متعددة المزايا

Featuring Fitbit Versa Lite by all, for the right price of approximately $ 160 only, less than half the price of the Apple Watch Series 4, in addition to the wonderful design and for a smart sixth issued by the company before, it’s different that the colors blue and purple, attractive, beach just one button instead of 3, as well as reveal the smart watch on the screen is not circular, nor Square, but very similar to that of hour Apple, but as we mentioned before, led by Price a lot less.

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