Fitbit products and the future might include a feature to monitor the levels of glucose in the blood


There were rumors indicates that the hours of the Apple Watch coming in the future will have sensor to monitor the glucose levels in the blood which will allow diabetics to check glucose levels in an unconventional way. However, it seems that there is a chance that the company Fitbit so by Apple, at least according to a new report released recently from the website of CNBC.

Revealed that report that the company Fitbit has invested recently up to us $ 6 million in a company called Sano, a company that is currently developing a sensor the size of a coin helps users track blood sugar levels in order to assist in the management of diabetes. Through the embed this sensor in their products, can buy Fitbit appeal to a wide range of potential customers, such as those who want to get on the fitness features together with the advantage of optimal management of blood sugar levels.

According to the President and CEO of Fitbit, Mr. James Park, has stated by saying : ” this fits with our strategy of looking beyond the device and think more in health solutions. I believe that a complete solution comes in the form of a device monitor coupled with a screen, and wear to give you information and alerts at the right moments “.

However, it should be noted that the technology of Sano require stitches in the body of the user, but the CEO of the company, Mr. Ashwin Pushpala claims that the technology developed by his company will be less painful compared to the technology available in the market now. Technology is also Sano is not available at the moment, it is not expected to reach the market only after a year from now at the very least, this means that we won’t see probably any time soon because they will also need the approval of regulatory bodies like the FDA.


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