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The company disclosed the Fitch house (listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NYSE: FIT), a leading brand in the field of wearable technology, today announced the bracelet Fitbit Charge 3™, which is one of the newest additions to the family bracelets “Charge” the best-selling and intended to track activity and fitness. Bracelet features Charge 3 design, luxury and waterproof with touch screen display, in addition to providing more than 15 different position to rely on the user’s goals, features another smart task to stay in touch with everything that matters to you. As supplied the bracelet battery extends up to 7 days with the latest sensor and algorithm for the tracking of the fitbit.

Is considered the bracelets Charge of the fitbit is the most popular among the product range of the company, where it was sold about 35 million units around the world even now. According to research conducted by phet house on adult consumers interested in the acquisition of wearable device over the past year, 42% of them seek to buy a device to monitor and track, while 36% of them seek for the acquisition of smart watches, and expressing their admiration of the design younger and features easy to use and trade goods and why[ii].

On the other hand, IDC expects the research to try bracelets, trace the fitness of a large part of the market share of the total for a number of years to come[iii]. As the form bracelets tracking the majority of the sales of wearable technologies in major global markets such as Australia, Britain, Japan, Singapore, and Spain.[iv]

Said James Park, co-founder and CEO of fitbit: “we believe the launch of the bracelet and the Charge 3 on the success of our previous in series Charge the best-selling, so we can provide the best tracking bracelet innovative in the market, its slim design and comfortable, high-quality, as well as features for fitness and health developed that seeks our users to get them. Offers bracelet Charge 3 Users a compelling reason to get the bracelet later, it also allows us to access new users looking for a tracking bracelet stylish at a reasonable price”.

Added park: “our commitment to our consumer choices and our ability to meet the demands of millions of users, by providing a range of products including bracelets tracking down to the smart watch, helps us to increase our share in the market of wearable devices in general.”

Distinctive design and elegant

Designed bracelet Charge 3 by using high quality material and lightweight, including the structure of the external source of aluminum and of glass Corning® Gorilla® G lass 3, to ensure the durability and comfort of the users of men and women. These screen high-definition touch screen, which is larger by 40% brighter than its predecessor, offering a more intuitive experience to access your private information.

The fitbit Charge 3 is the first wearable device has a button to extrapolate the patent, and shows a simple design and waterproof, has increased the allotted space to add more sensors, with a battery of high capacity up to 7 days of continuous operation, with a greater ability to interact with the device without impact on the efficiency of its performance.

Complementing to the specifications of a cutting edge provided with the bracelet, re-designed trade software interactive to engage users and motivate them to reach their goals daily, know where the touch screen high-resolution graphics and clear, accurate animations, and Jamahiriya a new surprise users, and enjoyable moments help them retain what they have achieved and focus on achieving the next targets.

Experience a healthy and physically superior

Offers bracelet Charge 3 latest features health and fitness located on the tracking bracelet from fitbit yet. In addition to the 9 trillion minutes of collected data for heart rate, reinforced fitbit feature HeartPulse to track heart rate around the clock, so as to increase the precision in the calculation of the number of calories burned during the workout compared to the Charge 2, the heart rate at rest and improve the quality of the exercises and to help define the knowledge expectations of Health that fit users[v]. While allowing the sensor SpO2 relative, the first of its kind in the tracking bracelet from fitbit, the possibility to calculate the change in oxygen levels in the blood relatively and to assist in tracking health indicators, such as Sleep Apnea.

The following are the main features of health and fitness additional:

  • Position exercises depending on the goals of the users: choose from more than 15 pushup like riding a bike, swimming, running, lifting weights and yoga. Set a goal of calories you want to burn or distance you want to cut or the duration of exercise, and Statistics and the application and requirements on the device when you achieve your goals.
  • Water resistant to a depth of 50 meters: wear your bracelet while showering or in the swimming pool and the sea. See automatically on your workout from your wrist using the race mode, or use the feature SmartTrack to the number of courses made by and through the Fitbit application after completion of the race.
  • Distance calculation: calculate the distance you covered during your workout thanks to the navigation system connected to your phone, and get speed and the actual distance from the bracelet, and will feature Run Detect automatically to distinguish between has been stopped and the user (will be launched soon).
  • Follow women’s health: know the details of your menstrual cycle is applied using a Fitbit to monitor your cycle and ovulation (coming soon) and my symptoms and said its citizens with the passage of time. You can see all the stats of your health and fitness in one place, as you can manage your health better and get to the stages of your menstrual cycle through the Control Panel on the bracelet.
  • Statistics at a glance: you can navigate through the new control panel in the bracelet easily see the daily statistics of your activities and metrics, such as tracking women’s health and the amount of water that should be drank and hours of sleep.
  • Personal statistics: get to know yourself so you can take care of your health, through statistics new dynamic about your activity, heart rate, nutrition, hours of sleep to help you reach your goals through encouragement and advice when needed (will be launched soon in تطبيقFitbit).
  • Social motivation: connect with one of the largest social networks for health and fitness in the world, which includes more than 25 million active users, to motivate you to reach your goals when you are with friends, family and others through news sections and topics and challenges in the Fitbit application.
  • Support and guidance 24/7: you can follow all your daily activities and get a comprehensive picture about your health through features such as automatic recognition on the types of exercises and reminders with the movement and relaxation sessions, tennis and track hours and stages of sleep with the Sleep Stages and sleep Insights, youand many others.

The advantages of the advanced tracking and analysis of sleep

Help Fitbit application of millions of users understand their sleep patterns and habits of their life style better, which can affect them. The fitbit has begun providing the possibility of tracking sleep in the year 2009, the company has established one of the largest databases relating to for over the past nine years, with a track by more than 7.5 million night. In addition, it has provided fitbit features Sleep Stages and sleep Insights which depend on the fluctuations of the heart rate, to enable users to understand the quality of your sleep better.

For his part, said Shelton Yuen, Deputy Head of research at Vita house: “give fitbit users data can be converted into actionable insights about their health. For example, we found that one out of every four people gets extra time of sleep during the weekends compared with the rest of the days of the week, which means they are trying to compensate for sleeping hours a little bit during the week. We can also offer ideas to those users through the Fitbit application to the extent of the impact of this behavior on their health, along with suggested ways to prepare a sleep schedule. We also hope to be able in the future to provide guidance to our users to prevent them from diseases and enjoy a healthy physical, physical”.

And fitbit in providing innovations in the areas of tracking hours and the stages of sleep, where the company unveiled a new application under the name “Sleep Score”, which will be available to users of the Fitch house later this year. Using metrics tracking basic found in any organ of the Fitch house, will be able to apply the Sleep Score track heart rate via a feature PurePulse throughout the day, to stop the Application Data on the night of the user to assist in providing a comprehensive picture about the quality of sleep overall and the factors that affect them.

In addition, you will lose the fitbit users of devices with sensor SpO2 relative, including a Charge of 3 fitbit Ionic fitbit Versa, and to examine the quality of implementation, may be an indicator of the presence of other health problems such as allergies, asthma, or sleep apnea.

Follow Yuen: “with the demo version to apply the Sleep Score of the labs Vita house, we do our best to be able to people around the world understand the quality of your sleep. This app is an example of how we develop constantly for health for our users”.

How long will the fitbit separately in the development and adoption of classification systems U.S. Food and Drug Administration for health problems like Sleep Apnea and atrial fibrillation. And Fitch is among one of among the nine companies included on the list of pilot program on the programming of the digital health licensed in advance which is designed to speed up the process of recognition of software as medical devices.

Features of Smart Key in the bracelet Charge 3

In addition to its features developed in the health and fitness, the longer the bracelet Charge 3 the smartest tracking device from fitbit, which provides users the best smart features to stay connected with what matters to them.

  • Smart features expanded: you can easily customize the apps to your smart phone and see calls, calendar, text messages, alerts, mobile application such as Facebook and aweber, in addition to accept or reject calls, and answer as you move by using the quick responses already allocated for the users of Android. [vi]
  • Basic applications: the achieved maximum benefit when you use the applications most widely used like home and temporary as the weather. In addition to the launch list Fitbit Leaderboard calendar soon with the addition of future updates.
  • The most popular apps for the fitbit: will add the specified number of applications mark Fitch home business the most popular on this bracelet at a later time, just like these apps added to my watch Ionic وVersa.
  • Payment is safe and easy: leave your wallet at home and use the limited version of the bracelet Charge 3 make your payment easily and securely via the application of Fitbit Pay, which is supported by more than 100 financial institutions in 18 countries.
  • Overall balance: this bracelet, with most of the operating devices operating systems Android and iOS, will also be working on its compatibility with Windows devices soon.[vii], so that you can choose a wearable device that suits you regardless of the type of operating system your phone.[viii]

Accessories and prices and availability

Allocated bracelet Charge 3 with lots of accessories easy installation, which includes accessories made from luxurious materials and distinct as the classic Bangle misleading with materials resistant to stains, bracelets, sports vicious circle made of silicone, bracelets, cloth, traditional, in addition to bracelets from the skins of Horton’s handcrafted. It features the limited edition bracelet Charge 3 Add near-field communication (NFC), and is available this version with a bracelet of white silicone sports structure of aluminum gray, or bracelet fabric in purple light structure of aluminum in golden color pink, also include the tag on the bracelet classic black extra.

Available bracelet Charge 3 Starting from October 2018 in the number of stores selected for the SAR 749. Comes bracelet in black with structure in aluminium grey or bracelet in gray blue with the structure of aluminium, Golden pink. The prices range from accessories between 145 and 245 SR. The special version of the fitbit Charge 3 enabled Fitbit Pay will be available at a price 799 SAR..

This topic fitbit launches Charge 3 appeared on Engadget.

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