Fisker confirmed that its electric car would be less than 40 thousand dollars


After the company Tesla to disclose their policies electric SUV Tesla Model Y a few days ago, the company announced Fisker as well now they will be is the other making an electric car multipurpose sports you will get its brand. The company said that this electric car SUV new will be less than 40 thousand USD will come with some advantages that make them better than their competitors. This includes a greater range compared with car Tesla Model Y.

Company aims Fisker with its new electric to provide a range of up to 300 miles in the basic version with battery strongly 80kWh unlike car Tesla Model Y, which gets the customer in its version of Basic over a period of up to 230 miles. Will the Fisker also on the radio in the front clasp and the ability to enjoy the outdoors and the refreshing push of a button. The company will also extras optional such as four-wheel drive and dual motors.

Interested people should see what will the police wait. Don’t expect the company Fisker that there will be a prototype lockable quality of this car before the end of this year. This means that the commercial version of this car won’t be ready probably until the year 2021.

So expect to start a company Fisker the process of the delivery of this new electric car to customers in the second half of the year 2021 in the case if there wasn’t any delay. This is the same time frame, which requires the company Tesla to deliver cars Tesla Model Y customers.

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