First impressions of the new PlayStation Classic

About six months ago, Sony announced the revival of the original PlayStation. It was called PlayStation Classic and has managed to get to us. Stas and Roma were at the launch of the console, and shared his impressions from it.

December 3, 1994 was presented a Sony PlayStation console that became truly iconic for a whole generation of gamers. It is the first generation of consoles was a real breakthrough for Sony, which could move the market Nintendo and Sega.


Original Sony PlayStation

Now, in 2018, is already noticeably grown players can indulge in nostalgia and purchased for $100 (in Ukraine – 3399 UAH) is a PlayStation Classic.

Appearance PlayStation Classic is fully repeats the design of the original PlayStation. Differ only size consoles (new 45% less), as well as the connection interfaces.

Wired controllers are connected via USB ports, the connection to the TV is through HDMI (the image is shown in 720p or 480p), and the power cable will connect to the microUSB port (power supply unit 5V/1A, so in theory the console can be powered from the TV).

PlayStation Classic running shell, reminiscent of the one in the newer PlayStation. A gamer can play 20 pre-installed games, including a lot of classical projects:

      • Battle Arena Toshinden
      • Cool Boarders 2
      • Destruction Derby
      • Final Fantasy VII
      • Grand Theft Auto
      • Intelligent Qube
      • Jumping Flash
      • Metal Gear Solid
      • Mr Driller
      • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
      • Rayman
      • Resident Evil Director’s Cut
      • Revelations: Persona
      • Ridge Racer Type 4
      • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
      • Syphon Filter
      • Tekken 3
      • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six
      • Twisted Metal
      • Wild Arms