Firefox now prevents the automatic playback of the film ‘ disturbing

Mozilla has launched a new major version of the Firefox browser on all operating systems, computers in addition to Android, comes update the advantage of blocking the default for automatic operation of tracks and videos, in addition to greater safety in the development, as with the improvement in the form of warnings, security and other advantages.

The focus of Mozilla with the version number to 66 to reduce the user inconvenience through blocking of autoplay of videos and bad on the page as well as pop-up messages.

Using Firefox by default to run videos automatically and user need to compress the play button to start using it, you can add certain sites to the list of allowed sites to run photos automatically, and this will be helpful with sites to songs like SoundCloud.

The Google had introduced a similar feature a year ago from now in the Chrome browser, but I think the Google style smarter in dealing with sites and highlight videos spam emails that run automatically on sites that their nature require run those videos like YouTube.

On the other hand there is the expansion of research support to be the same time with different tabs open, so if you’re looking at any Web page only just put the sign % % in the main bar, and also if you sync Firefox with multiple devices it will keep them all together.

If you love design hidden it you can specify a default search engine of its own also by the characteristics and you can choose one of several engines as well as Google and Bing and even Wikipedia and Twitter.

Users on Windows Firefox 66 was to become reality software WebAuthn that allows the use of Windows Hello that enables login via fingerprint face. As to the warning to be simpler and easier to understand.

This is a fraction of the salient features of the update for Firefox is available today on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android through the app stores or auto update within the browser.

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