Firefox browser get one of the best features of Safari

Developers at Mozilla are going to equip future versions of the Firefox browser automatically blocking tracking websites. This will significantly reduce the number of targeted ads, the demonstration of which may be undesirable for certain categories of users.

“It’s more than just protecting users, say representatives of Mozilla, the idea is to give them a choice. Some sites will still continue to collect data about users, but now they can’t do it without permission. This innovation will allow users to understand the value of data they share [with sites]”.

Do not track in Safari

The function of the track appeared in Safari with the release of iOS 11. Thanks to it, users can decide whether they are ready to share with the sites information about yourself. If you wish to minimize the amount of targeted advertising simply to block tracking under Safari app Settings.

The distribution function of the track will have a negative impact on the market of Internet advertising. Not being able to collect information about user activity on the Network and offer the most relevant ads, advertisers run the risk of losing huge money and start looking more sophisticated methods of earnings.

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