Firefox add tool Price Wise to track the prices of products on the browser

فايرفوكس تضيف أداة Price Wise لتعقب أسعار المنتجات على المتصفح

Mozilla has launched a new addition in the browser Firefox allows a user to track the price of a particular commodity would like to buy so that alert notifications in case of price decline, the company launched a new addition to the name and Price Wise, and provides a tool currently support for five retail locations it Amazon Walmart Best Buy and Home Depot, and eBay would continue to support a number of other sites of electronic shopping in the future.

Begin the user to take advantage of the process compared to the price added for Firefox you only need to add the products they wish to purchase it in the control list price your Price Wise, where will notifications automatically every time the low price of the goods, and in the case of a suitable offer purchase directly from the menu itself without the need to visit the original location.

No services are compared to the prices of the services new in the field of electronic registration location CamelCamelCamel is considered the months between service providers in addition to the Chrome browser is the other one owns a Keepa provided compared to the price in the product pages that a user visits on the Amazon website.

Are considered to add Price Wise available to users through the testing program for Firefox Test Pilot for the trade, the following video shows the mechanism that operates the tool host:

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