Firefox 66 brings many features, among them the ratification of fingerprint

Link version Firefox 66 for all systems Windows, Mac and Linux and Android loaded with improvements to the interface enhancements, and fixes for performance. Some may be intended for another, as we can get:

1 – blocking of media automatic operating

After the update, Firefox will block all multimedia, video and audio files, which work automatically with the sites. You can adjust the water Settings, Add the address of sites that are allowed to run the media automatically.

2 – faster performance

Became Firefox saves the settings of the plugins to the servers of the company, according to Mozilla, this increases the speed and performance a bit. Also added some improvements to drag function, and fix a loophole with Linux was give the malware the permissions without the user’s knowledge.

3. search step open

You can after the update to Firefox 66 search step Open via the blue menu tabs, as you can search for tabs open on another device uses the same account with the Firefox Sync.

4 – improvements on the appearance

Added improvements to the overall appearance of the Firefox browser on Linux, it become integrated more, both merged tab bar and title, or display the content of the sites.

And all the systems, I got pages of errors on the new design makes it to understand them and deal with them easier on the user. It also became possible to change the color of the skin actually dark and normal on Windows.

5. the support means of Authentication Windows

Got Firefox 66 to support system security Windows a halo, which allows users to login to sites and approval of the processes across the fingerprint or facial recognition.

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