Firefox 63 on Android comes place the picture-in-picture channels, notifications and more

فايرفوكس 63 على أندرويد يأتي بوضع الصورة داخل صورة وقنوات الإشعارات وأكثر

Officially allowed Mozilla the new version of the browser its Firefox 63 “63 Firefox” on the Android operating system, has provided this version with many additions to the long-awaited, the most notable of Mode picture-in-picture “PiP”, where with this mode users will be able to browser the follow-up video at the same time browsing the other application, in addition to controlling the size of the browser window when you run it in this situation.

Put in mind that this feature works on the Android version Oreo “8.0” the most recent, there is another advantage no less important than water previous A Firefox Support channel notifications, which allows the user to select the priority of any notice, with the reputation how the appearance of the notifications, currently needs a browser 5 options namely “downloads, media playback, push notifications, location, sync, notifications in general,” with the launch of more in the future.

Finally will recognize Firefox now automatically set up access to the operating system in order to reduce the animation to avoid any sluggish performance, and now update Firefox 63 available on pages of the store Google Play, with reference it up gradually to users, if you didn’t get it just wait for a few more days.

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