Finland investigating the possibility of using Nokia phones spying for China

فنلندا تحقق في إمكانية استخدام هواتف نوكيا بالتجسس لصالح الصين

Open Committee on surveillance and data protection the Finnish investigation with a company HMD manufacturer Royal for Nokia phones after allegations emerged recently about the use of the company phones to transfer sensitive data to China, what means that the phones work as tools to spy for the Chinese government, according to allegations.

Came of the investigation after the publication of one of the radios in the neighboring country, Norway, to say they possess concrete evidence that Nokia phones are moving sensitive data to users to China based on the guidance of the company owner.

It seems that the cause of the modern Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK from it, back the adoption of the president of HMD bug in the update to Nokia 7 process to send the data to China, but the company did fix it in January with another update.. But the strange thing is that Nokia Phone 7 is sold exclusively in the Chinese market, what means that the other states don’t sign him back, especially since the company has released another phone as 7.1 for the global market.

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