Fingerprint screen in S10 is not good enough!

After a lapse of nearly a year and a half to launch the phones equipped with a fingerprint under the screen, only that this technique has gained new momentum and a strong push forward in sync with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, according to experts who have reviewed the phone and test it well, see it is not quite perfect compared with Fingerprint, Face ID own Apple or even the scanner prints the traditional “capacitive” found in most smart phones now both on the back of the phone like Android phones or existing phones, and Apple iPhone 5s to 8 Plus. What he told these experts about the fingerprint reader phone S10 with sensor ultrasonic built-in screen?

بصمة الشاشة في S10 ليست جيدة بما يكفي!

Said Andrew Martonik editor has Site Android Central

“To illustrate this simply: there is no doubt that sensor technology ultrasonic fingerprints, is the best of the optical sensor, but it needs to develop more, because the speed, accuracy and ease of use is not as fingerprints. traditional which is called a “capacitive” is most prevalent in smart phones now. Because the footprint of the existing traditional and mature enough, while the sensors ultrasound for fingerprints is still relatively new. Unfortunately there is no sensor fingerprint ultrasound faster or more consistent than the sensor of a traditional capacitive.

He also said in a tweet him on Twitter” the phone Galaxy +S10 is a good phone too, since it contains a great package of technology bundled in one phone. For example: stunning screen, as well as battery life. However, software Samsung is still doing some bug, but it undoubtedly is better than ever.

The only thing that detracts from the package Samsung Advanced is the fingerprint sensor. He is clearly poor, and it’s a shame the fact this amazing phone. I understand the reasons for the leadership of Samsung that, but it is interesting that they use in making measurements of biometric fail to achieve what we want. A reference to the facial recognition that can unlock the phone by her in person or even video.

Despite that, this phone is the best phone to use now compared to the phones used a long time, it will be an easy choice for anyone looking to buy a phone 2019 versus $ 999.

Commented Dan Seifert the editor of the site Theverge

But no fingerprints screen is not fast or reliable enough compared to the reader fingerprint of traditional capacitive located in the back of the phone S9. This is because the area of the survey footprint in the screen is relatively small, “despite the appearance of the place that you put your fingerprint to be scanned on the screen” you have to be careful in putting your finger on the place that is described to be activated for the insight.

Even with precision, I had to often trade more than once even unlocks the phone. The best system fingerprint Face ID because it does not require all that effort, then the best scanner for prints of the traditional located on the back of the phone. Comes phone S10 with facial recognition also, but in this case the camera is used only on your face and compare it to previous picture, so that there is no three-dimensional layout or anything like that. I have actually managed to open the phone S10 through video clip my face was running it on another phone. You can review for news on the sidelines last Thursday has been mentioned in the first paragraph.

Said Jessica Dolcourt author has site CNET

“I had a problem related to accuracy and speed in the beginning, but Samsung has provided a new update to the reviewers to achieve this, improved a little bit. It seems to work better if you put your finger accurately on the location of the footprint described to you. It will take one second to unlock, and you need to press on the screen already install your finger and not pull it.

It did not stop on the of these experts only but it was felt that a fingerprint reader built-in screen is not good compared to the fingerprint reader and the other traditional. The issue is not in reading the data footprint, but it is more difficult that it is hard to solve programmatically, it would take some time and some development in future generations even be reading the Insight is good and accurate and as fast as a Reader Prints the traditional can now be found in most smart phones.

For Apple, we believe that the technique of fingerprint will work again at some point but in a way advanced and completely different of what we expect. Have already alluded to in previous articles. You can watch this video, Why would you give a fingerprint to iPhone again.

On a personal level, I know many of the users of the S10 and most of them try to use the fingerprint screen and in the end the dog had to ignore this feature because it is not a process, and this would Samsung always issue special and glamorous, but unfortunately does not work well nor fit the application user expected to work with the water as is shown in the declarations.

Do you really think that the fingerprint reader is the Samsung S10 is slow compared to the fingerprint reader and the traditional? And the way that you prefer to unlock the device? Tell us in the comments



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