Find the address in Google Maps has become even easier

New features are added to Google Maps regularly, and some of them we already told you. For example, recently the company tested its mapping service augmented reality capabilitiesthat help even better to navigate the terrain, and tested a search function where Google Maps will automatically delete the history of location data. And today there was one new addition.

The way the new function works in Google Maps on Android is quite simple – if you copy any address to the clipboard, you will be prompted to insert it in the search string mapping applications and then to find. This feature, first spotted by journalists resource XDA-Developers, apparently, takes place as part of a major upgrade on the server side.

By the way, this is not the first time I was seen similar functionality in Google apps for Android. In recent months, the mobile version of Chrome has got a similar option for the copied links and search strings/URLS. Innovation, of course, will save app users a lot of time and a little bit of nerves, and indeed, every time I rejoice when I learn about another new feature that Google is testing in their application, realizing that the company is not just laying around and doing their job.

As already mentioned, the implementation of these functions occurs as part of a major upgrade on the server side, so there is always the chance that it eventually might not appear on your device. Journalists, who discovered the innovation, used Google Maps v10.14 at the Galaxy S10e.

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