Find God and ask!!.. Arm games “Nintendo Switch” has a knife!

Can gaming device “Nintendo Switch” Nintendo Switch to become in a short time (released in the last year of 2017) one of the most popular mobile games in the world, but one of the designers of the device decided to add an update seriously!

It has a display designer, launched on the same name Inceptualize3D ARM controller for your Nintendo games Switch contains a knife, has been offered for sale on the Etsy website for $ 11.89 pounds (about 280 pounds).

Making a knife blade from the plastic using the technique of three-dimensional printing 3D Printing, and the installation of the blade or separated from the control unit as desired, and may know the idea for a lot of criticism for the introduction of peace white (even if the plastic yet) in the organs of video games that aim for fun without harm.

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