Finally, the system of the HTC Vive works wirelessly

نظارة HTC Vive

What about the inspection of handbags, travel technology, virtual reality, or access to the electrical line and Analysis Cell System HTC VR .

The conference Gitex for the 2018 Dubai has unveiled the HTC Vive for converter Vive Wireless’s long-awaited and is the the latest paradigm shift in the world of virtual reality with the provision of a wide range of amazing experiences for businesses and users of the Middle East is transformed Vive Wireless which was launched recently to allow users to fight and Vive, and Vive Pro unhindered transformation and the possibility of increasing the number of users at the same time.

It provides analyst-supported Intel WiGig-experience ultra-fast responsiveness and performance, allows to build worlds and destroy them and have interesting adventures in the unknown without expectations and the analyst the weight of it. light comes equipped with a powerful battery Easy Switch provides power that lasts up to two and a half hours.

Thanks to ear headphones high quality headset comfortable and talk to us feel connected to something despite the fact that the wires that come out of your head that can distract you sometimes, but there is a solution to this problem and is a wireless solution has been released and connects with a bar that you can fit in your pocket to operate the device for 6 hours .

In response to the control unit of the series too

According to the experience of the game Beat Saber was a response to the console very smooth, and the processing of the graphics is very realistic and seems the screen refresh rate of 90 frames per second as for sound quality and they come neatly 2888×1660 for each eye type Pintel OLED three-dimensional sound with the feature Active Noise Cancellation for an immersive experience without mingling with the real world.

You need to have a strong PC like the graphics card of type GeForce GTX 970 from Nvidia and the processor it is desirable to have i7 processor from the fourth generation or more to get a good gaming experience and confirmed HTC it works along with many developers to create business models to develop their and thus enable them to enter the world of virtual reality to communicate their ideas quickly to a global audience .

See HTC abandon stereotypes about the world of virtual reality as a technology entertainment and games only, but seeking to save this world from the framework of games and practically not theoretically to the field of healthcare, education and government services and retail and otherwise, and offered HTC project intelligent system for the monitoring and follow ships and trips, and virtual reality training of customs inspector.

To add to the engine system risk smart and program The Authorized Economic Operator you can also use this add a cutting edge to enter by default to the electrical line and the selected cell to facilitate the process of repair which saves your time and effort and raise the level of safety .

For the world of entertainment and gaming experience was impressive with a streamlined and powerful speed in response to the movement and commands for example, the company announced the HTC Vive for its cooperation with the company VR Mada to implement the first program in the world training on the use of virtual reality technologies for inspection and identification of contraband.


As for the price is 1400 USD includes wading with controllers and sensors, will be available transformers in selected outlets in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia by the end of December 2018.

You can get both adapters from the company store, a website dedicated to the Middle East on the site here:

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Finally, the system of the HTC Vive works wirelessly

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