Finally the plate Gboard on iOS come the option to upgrade

أخيرًا لوحة Gboard على iOS تأتي بخيار الترجمة

Two years ago, and the Gboard on the Android operating system supports the option to upgrade the building, where it can be accessed in two ways, first by clicking on the icon of Cubase in the suggestion strip, and the third is by clicking on the button Google in the painting, now in the new update for Call users of the other system iOS, has finally become a supported upgrade option.

In this context, she referred Google that upgrade option supports all languages supported by the translation service, which includes about 103 language, here the user can either choose between the languages manually or use the function auto-detect.

Mention finally, in the update last resort for the Android system only supports color and voice dictation without the need to connect to the internet, as well as the speed of the dictation far from the coast, to be this feature available on the phones pixels only users native English speakers.

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