Finally the Firefox browser adds support for images WebP

أخيرًا متصفّح فايرفوكس يُضيف الدعم لصور WebP

These days the Firefox browser from Mozilla is very wonderful, and is on the verge of get the best advantages, where the income version of “Firefox 65” to the beta channel yesterday and today was the launch of the stable version for all Android users, and after a long wait has created a browser full support for WebP.

And anyone who does not know the image format WebP is a format developed by Google, which is based on software video codec VP8 is used by the WebM, it supports all of the pressure of the gas harmless, which makes it suitable for coordination of the most famous such as JPEG and PNG.

In turn enabled this extension on the Chrome browser since 2011, and notes the considerable delay I have Firefox, but we always say “Oh, Better Late Than Never”, finally you should receive an update Firefox currently or after a few days, but if you don’t like to wait you can download via file the APK from here.

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