Finally the export feature Night Sight is available for all phones pixel resolution

أخيرًا ميزة التصوير Night Sight متاحة لجميع هواتف بيكسل

In the Conference Declaration About Phone Pixel 3, announced Google on the feature of “Night Sight”, which produce pictures of the very amazing especially in the almost complete absence of light, through the camera application to your company, today officially gave the company the advantage of this app and most of all that will be available for all version phones pixels.

However all pointed out Google that performance differs from one phone to another, that preference should be given for its last pixels 3, and a lack of the previous version for installation visual OG Pixel, so don’t expect the same experience for all women.

Also put in mind that the camera lens won’t reflect the actual results for Night Sight when in the operating mode, so because they don’t do all the image processing operations, I think the preview on long exposure to some extent, finally update camera Google Next this water up gradually to users, if you don’t like the wait he carried it with the APK from here.

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