Finally LastPass supports autocomplete in Android oreo

أخيرًا خدمة LastPass تدعم الملء التلقائي في أندرويد أوريو

In a zigzag began service Password Manager LastPass supports feature-complete (refill) automatic on Android version oreo 8.0 in August of last year, and all of these women were purely test “beta”, but today it’s different as the company announced officially about the major update for their application and provided with support for AutoFill on Android 8.0 most recent.

Further the company has indicated that it is still auto-fill the document access is available for legacy applications as well as the Chrome browser, which at the moment does not support this development after, generally this procedure is activated automatically so the user do it by going to the settings app and then tab to AutoFill and activate it.

And then you’ll see a warning reminding you sure you trust this app, this whole process is largely identical to what we have seen when the company launched for the first time AutoFill feature in August last. Finally you can download updated LastPass to move to here, or get it with the APK from here.

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