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Contains most of the smartphones of the 2018 note, that the overhanging part of the top of the screen that contains the front camera, except the Samsung, which did not provide until now a strong competitor to iPhone X. especially when it comes to the phone’s screen stretches from edge to edge and extremities of the four edges. It was only in the last few days has been the announcement of the phone, my majesty, my M10 and majesty my M20 host their Samsung Indian market, but it was a surprise! Dropped Samsung finally her pride made phone trick, also to carry to the club notes the global.

Most smart phone companies copy the design of Apple for iPhone X in particular is the sheet that contains the advanced system of sensors to take the imprint of the face. The company has adopted this design, after I happened to the MS of the design of the old phones that has most of them on the chin and kept that design for years without any change, to be submitted to Apple design iPhone X and then imitated by the other companies said they were exploiting the Great Basin in the zoom size of the screen. Thus has increased the popularity of the notes, it made by some companies in multiple formats.

It has increased in the second half of 2018, where we saw multiple forms, so notes, but some went to scrap it and replace it in other ways, the desire of smart phone manufacturers in distinguishing themselves from the design of the Apple TV. As he expected soon to see the new designs so the notes don’t look like Apple devices. Such as devices which contain holes for cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 next to the real on modern Apple computers. But before this happens, we’ll look at the phones Samsung the first containing the note which is very much like phones OnePlus 6T as well as F9 from the Oppo.

My phone Samsung Galaxy M10 and M20

The announcement of those phones last Friday, and will be available in the Amazon store on the fifth of next February. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy M20 and phone M10 is specially designed for the Indian market, where locked Samsung fierce battle to win a significant share of the Indian market against companies manufacturing Chinese smartphones and the head Company Shawty “that deliberately to dislodge Samsung from the IT market” and the Vivo and Oppo as well as the company OnePlus.

The phone Galaxy the M20 model is stronger and more expensive. And specifications of the phone are as follows:

◉ Screen “Infinity V-notch” at the rate of the larger screen and note the form of the letter V approximately, You will see the screen of the phone S10 associated with the perforated and it is called ” Infinity-O-notch” any piercing on the body of the letter O . The screen comes with 6.3 inches HD +FHD resolution 2340 x 1080 pixels and Pixel 409.

◉ – Core Exynos processor 7904 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz eight-core. Let Samsung command, many of the tasks such as games and videos, social media without any effect on performance. Stated that the phrase ” without breaking a sweat” and its literal meaning “without to know”.

◉ Random memory “RAM” 3 GB and 4 GB.

◉ An internal storage of 32 GB and 64 GB, and supports self external microSD.

◉ Phone equipped with a camera background of the binary number, the core 13 mega pixel camera girl lens (f/1.9) and the second with the lens wide (Ultra-Wide (f/2.2.

◉ Front camera 8 mega pixel camera girl lens (f / 2.0) in addition to auto focus, with flash by flashing the phone screen during capture, or what is called In-Display Flash any extra screen many times they lit up natural while capturing the photo just like in the iPhone 6S and newer. Used the front camera for facial recognition to unlock the phone.

◉ Phone equipped with a powerful battery capacity of 5000 mAh. Support for fast charging at a speed of 15 watts in addition to charging from the USB Type-C for charging at up to three times the normal charger.

◉ The phone with the imprint of the back of the device but its far from the camera, it has adopted the Samsung’s design looks a lot like the design of the camera of the iPhone X.

While the specifications of his younger brother the M10 less at a reasonable price. Came phone screen 6.2 inch display resolution 1520 x 720, the processor Exynos 7870, battery 3400 mAh, and memory random 2 GB memory storage 16 GB, memory random 3 GB memory storage 32 GB. This phones similar a great phone OnePlus 6T .

You can watch the video

Will be the launch of those phones initially in the Indian market at a price of $ 112 ratio of M10 and 154 per copy a M20.

What do you think of Samsung phones, the new note? And failed to come up with a new design in? Tell us in the comments.


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