Finally, Huawei has responded to the crisis of the image of Sarah young in the Declaration of Nova 3

A few days ago, the circulation of users of social networking websites picture published by young actress Sarah young, via its account on Instagram, Instagram, from the backstage photographed the Declaration Huawei new (Nova 3) Huawei Nova 3, Install the image great controversy on the internet for the emergence of a professional camera, where daum mission to accuse Huawei by deceiving their customers.

As expected, in the case of a global company like Huawei Huawei, the crisis sites and the health of the world, they have been trading the news in websites technology as well as ndtv andthe setback web site andgsmarena andthe ferry andBukit NAU and other.

According to all the news circulating, the picture was taken behind the scenes of the filming of the AD, where the picture showed the position of stars ad while taking pictures of Sylvie in front of them a professional camera, and some of the pioneers of social networking sites that Huawei serves customers by convincing them that the image was captured by a series of Nova 3, but they saw that the image was filmed by a professional camera!

Here can be described as his first official comment from Huawei on the crisis of the image of Sarah young, confirmed Keith Lee –Vice President of Huawei Egypt – in a conversation with the day prior to the commitment of Huawei to the credibility and transparency towards its customers, it works according to the terms of the competitive world and their customers in the markets in which it operates, serving customers Huawei made them the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world in a short time, and its the Egyptian market for smartphones recently in terms of sales volume.

Around the crisis photo, Keith told me that it is normal in the filming of any promotional announcement, is the use of all Imaging Equipment, whether cameras or its Annexes, the work of the meetings of the preparatory adjust the best settings export possible, which is what Huawei. The main purpose of this advertising campaign is diversification of how to use the advantages of phones Nova 3 and Nova 3i, particularly camera phones, and that the content of this ad is to promote only the advertisement pictures were for reference only and for the purpose of shooting video, because the filming of the video of course requires a certain type of content, this is in addition to all of this information is contained in the diversification in the end of the AD.

Added Keith to me that Huawei has organized several interactive activities that emphasize the power of a camera phone and specifications of the exceptional, by giving users the opportunity to experience a series of Huawei’s Nova 3 new, whether at the launch or during the events of the first sale of phones, they also intend to organize many public activities in all its branches and in shopping famous brand in Egypt, and Faisal at the Battle of the strong performance of camera phones Nova 3 is try it and see the result for yourself.

Freedom, Keith Lee, during his dialogue, that it seems his appreciation of the stars participating in the ad campaign for Nova 3, Ahmed magdy and Sarah young, describing the campaign as one of the best campaigns carried out by the company during the last few years.

Recall that the amount of pre-booking of the phone Huawei Nova 3i has run out completely after just 3 days of its launch markets, the source at 5,849 pounds, where is my phone Huawei Nova 3 and Nova 3i of the best phones available supported the potential of artificial intelligence AI, in addition to characteristics associated to the phone in terms of processor and screen and internal memory and front camera and the background and random access memory (RAM).

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