Finally, Facebook appears on the ground in Egypt

The average number of hours spent by the source on the internet 8 hours a day, it is one of the top global women, according to the foundation “StateCounter”, specialized in market research, digital and always comes with the market the factory in the rank high in terms of thinking and activity and posting content on social networks, and Cairo among the top 10 global factors and activates the Facebook specifically.

Although the Egyptian people spend on this network the largest in the world more time than he spends in school or in transport or even at work, which refers to some statistics that are not documented that the average time which the designers 3 hours, yet all of this did not show up Facebook never in Egypt officially during the event, but finally did a few days ago.

As the English proverb says “Better late than never”, and a corresponding source of the “Be Our birth day” came to Facebook, finally, it organized a conference for SMEs, under the theme enhanced Your Business “Boost Your Business”, in one of the hotels in downtown Cairo, with the participation of 400 owners of small businesses.

The aim of the conference the transfer of experiences and success stories on the use of platforms of Facebook “Facebook, Messenger, Instagram”, and includes a conference to talk about the services of instant messaging platform “WhatsApp” I got it, also Facebook, it is going on 4 of the five largest social networks in the world, according to “statista”.

This is the first conference of its kind in Egypt and in the Arab region, according to what she said, Nashwa Hussein Ali, head of public policy for the Middle East and North Africa, added: “It is the choice of Egypt; only being of the largest states of the region the most promising network in the use your connect with Facebook, and see in them a great ambition to start their own business independently.”

According to the “Similarweb” access in the Internet Research, the proportion of the spread of social networks in Egypt exceed 40% of the Egyptian people, and half of the Egyptian people enter on the internet at least once a month, i.e. 5 out of every ten Egyptians access the internet, and of those five there are 4 Enter social networks, and of those 4, there is 3.7, i.e., 37 million Egyptians have accounts on Facebook alone.

And Nashwa Hussein if there are 32 Egyptian posted on Facebook a month from mobile, and that 71% of the Facebook in Egypt, linked with small or average at least one, both in terms of work or transactions.

Include to that over the past two years, the market experienced a source of significant growth in the number of new SMEs, and featured many of the internet business, such as retail, financial services, professional and many others, have become solutions for electronic payment easier and more secure than ever.

And transmits the downstream market of steps, to achieve the Digital Economy, believes the president of public policy for the Middle East and North Africa, that the law of e-commerce source associated with the release will create more opportunities for the growth of small and Medium Enterprises, says: “We hope to help bring further investment opportunities and partnership to Egypt.” It adds: “We have confidence in the growth of the Egyptian market, and this is what encouraged us for this event, and also to participate in the trade mission to the U.S. the recent Cairo”.

Tools include Facebook’s growing reviewed during the conference to support business growth and enhance digital skills, a new tool to search for Jobs “Facebook Jobs”, which allows companies to advertise vacancies has While help seekers job to find new opportunities more easily as it allows them to apply directly on Facebook, it is not yet known whether similar to the “LinkedIn” for the posts, without the need for a resume.

It also includes tools Facebook solutions, such as pages corporate”Pages”, and training programmes such as “Community Boost”, and tools know free like “Blueprint”, in addition to the training programs for new skills like Digital “Boost Your Business”.

Although he was expected to participate Dr. Amr Talaat, the minister of communications and Information Technology, in the conference and his speech, but it seems that the link of an emergency in the house prevented it, and turned about Dr. Hossam Osman, advisor to the minister, the director of the Center for technology innovation and entrepreneurship”TIEC “.

Confirmed Talat on the importance of the role of startups and SMEs in driving the growth and economy of the state, and reviewed the services provided by the center “tic”, and it seems that most of the attendees didn’t recognize the place before, it was a good opportunity to entrepreneurs in Egypt, the center of government offers a lot of support and the support of the council and the owners of small and medium enterprises especially in the field of technology.

“Today, marks the beginning of a new journey interesting for you in Egypt; plan to increase investments us here.” these words concluded Facebook today, amidst the presence of big companies as well as from its employees in Dubai and also London and Ireland, so we’ll see Facebook again on the land of Egypt, or will the activity of “virtual” in our lives, this is what will be revealed in the coming days.

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