Finally cloud FLIR launches its application DNS on Android

أخيرًا كلاود فلير تُطلق تطبيقها DNS على أندرويد

Company Cloud flair “CloudFlare” is a service of content delivery network’s domain name system, offering the speed and performance of web sites improved with the provision of protection to him, on the other hand, play the DNS servers play a critical role in modern networks, where when you type a web site looking to DNS for the IP address associated with that domain can even download the page, and most people with the default DNS of internet service provider their own, but because internet service providers are known to log DNS queries, moving some to alternatives from Google and OpenDNS.

In the meantime the company released a cloud flair the DNS service in the past year, which supports DNS-over-TLS / DNS-over-HTTPS is faster than Google in some cases, more recently, the company announced the availability of its application on Android which makes the process easier, the campaign app name Faster & Safer Internet.

In regard to the operation of the application, it forwards DNS requests to your device through the servers of CloudFlare, but it uses a VPN server locally to do this, this means that you can’t use VPN and the other at the same time, it is known that the Android version last of 9 “Pie” change DNS at the system level easily, but if you are using an older version this app is a suitable alternative.

Download application Faster & Safer Internet free from here.

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