Finally Chrome 66 prevents the AutoPlay videos annoying

Chrome 64

Chrome 64

One of the more applications on Chrome, now available after three months of delay, where they announced Google announced the launch of update Chrome 66 which comes with several advantages for developers and users of the most important being mute and AutoPlay for videos that contain sound.

In the current version become Chrome’s smart enough to video clips which should prevent run automatically from web pages based on several criteria such as your interaction with the website’s videos before and the video from the total page this tends to sites like YouTube that thinks the video key in the page for any news site knows a little video ad.

As explained by Google prominently a special option to export the passwords in the browser for use outside of it instead of making it hidden in the past.

Got Chrome 66 on the many advantages of the new security from the advantage of isolation of the site which allow for more protection of the gap Spectre by forcing sites to work form different operations with blocking them from receiving sensitive data specific. So add was the dam of many of the security vulnerabilities of diverse risk and pay the financial rewards of tens of thousands of dollars to the researchers who discovered it.

There are adjustments for developers pertaining to dealing with CSS and Frontend code for the province and the other can recognize details more of the source and the accompanying video.


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