Finally charger AirPower enters the production stage

Since the detection of the wireless charging plate AirPower limits of the launch of the iPhone X, held in September 2017 and the details from Apple about the status of the device and materials of his arrival, but a new report suggests the entry of the device production phase and therefore near the time of his arrival.

After delays due to technical problems, a source confirmed to a Chinese company Luxshare Precision responsible for the manufacture of charger Apple has finally begun production, according to reports of the device launch in the first quarter of 2019 was accurate.

Enhanced appreciation of the credibility of the news source w confirmed that the second company responsible for the manufacture of AirPower will begin production by 21 January. He stressed the same source that the charging plate feature three rounds of indoor coils to enable charging devices wirelessly at the same time.

Depending on these reports, due to launch Apple charger AirPower in the event annual march which is expected to include a declaration of the iPad Mini new the second generation of the headset Eyre best.

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