Finally, Apple believes users because of the MacBook

Apple reveal about the mind finally the owners of the computers of the MacBook, after two years of repeated complaints from users, the reason why keyboard the butterfly of the second generation.

I think the Apple

It seems that Apple did not find in front of her finally only to apologize to the users, the owner of my computers, MacBook, specifically those who have a keyboard design, the butterfly of the second generation, where they had expressed their dissatisfaction over and over again about the poor state of some of the paintings, which makes it more difficult writing task in often, according to their complaint.

Apple announced in a statement last Wednesday, considered to affected users, saying: “We know that a small number of users, they encountered a problem with the keyboard of the butterfly of the second generation, so offer them an apology”, the company has returned across the museum, update the official explained: “most of the users of the computer MacBook have expressed their satisfaction with the newer keyboard”, referring to the importance of measuring both face the problem of the keyboard, even now, to communicate with services of Apple Support.

The problem of consecutive

Returns the date of the special problems with my computer MacBook from Apple, to 2015, when the company disclosed a computer 12 inch, protects from the keyboard of the butterfly, which appeared for the first time then, where he bought a number of users of color applications for your device, an indication that she too skinny, and stimulate writing.

Apple released the following year, the second generations of keyboards and the butterfly with the version of the MacBook Pro, hoping to cure the previous crisis, however, users have expressed their displeasure of the new, and the reason this time is to either duplicate the appearance of the characters for most of the time when writing, or not writing them from the original when you press the button on the panel, which appeared specifically with the characters “E” and “R”.

Now, that will please Apple users all with a mind of the latter, which spoke to the company during his crises keyboard butterfly of the second generation, as they have encountered a small number of users according to its statement, despite the signing of the thousands of users on the leaves of the grievances of the keyboards Apple, demanding the company’s global withdrawal from the market immediately, you see how will Apple Crunch keyboard wonder?

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