Finally an alternative to iPhone SE return this year

Revealed Apple TV from iPhone SE more than three years ago, was formally arrested in 2018, thanks to the screen size 4-inch phone was too small in a world of screen sizes increasing, despite the great success of the only he didn’t get an updated version until now.

Since its launch, kicked off rumors about the work of the police on the phone succession iTouch SE, which was leaked graphics and protective screen, etc., stressing on the launch of to iPhone SE 2 in fact they seem to not have any intention of making a small phone with very premium specifications.

iPhone XE concept render

Despite that, there is New Hope, in which he argues a new report published by PC-Tablet that Apple is already working on the successor to the SE will have the name of the iPhone XE and it is closely linked to the facility of Foxconn for manufacturing in India, where he was getting this information from them.

According to the source, the iPhone XE will get the iPhone’s design XS with a screen Olid size of 4.8 inches, you know its NOTA large, and will contain the technical Face ID just like her brothers most part, while the back of the phone will be of aluminium, which means the lack of feature wireless charging, it will also contain a camera background one accurately 12 maps f / 1.8, and the processor A12, without providing other details.

If the phone is already a real project, due to be launched later this year, surely we’ll hear about a lot in the coming weeks and months, and even then, are you excited about the iPhone small? Or do you prefer large sizes currently displayed? Share with us your opinions in the comments.

Source: pc-tablet

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