Finally, allow Apple TV users to listen to the podcast directly on the site

Awarded the Apple to develop the podcast the possibility of working within the web pages, where the design of the Web page to run code podcast audio, so that users will be able to finally listen to podcast episodes directly through the Web page of the Apple Podcast.

The controls in the Web page about very limited, there is only one option which is a button next to each episode, and there are no options other controller, such as rapid assessment or retreat.

I know of

Involve other changes in the design of the cover of the podcast numbers assessment of the podcast and some other details for each episode.

البودكاست مباشرة على الويب

Has not been put forward changes to all the podcast available.

Coincide this update with a report of new plans for Apple to provide iTunes to multiple applications, including the application of the Apple Podcast Mac Independent.

البودكاست مباشرة على الويب

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