Finally Airpower in the production line

Set off rumors over the past two days stating that the AirPower for wireless charging on the horizon has already entered the production lines, if reports are to be believed. So Apple has to decide difficult matters of the technical knowledge of that product?

أخيرا Airpower في خط الإنتاج

Indicated the location of the ChargerLAB of Hong Kong, he had got from a reliable source within the supply chain of Apple claims that the Chinese company Luxshare Precision have already started in the production of AirPower in a conversation on the messaging app WeChat, the Chinese source added he heard that the platform AirPower will be released soon.

It is worth mentioning, that the company Luxshare is a member of the Energy Union Wireless and Qi standard. And also compile the AirPods and USB cable-C cable Lightning, according to ChargerLAB . It was reported, that nearly two years ago that the company Luxshare will be the main supplier for AirPower. It may not be the only supplier, where the report stated last year that the company Pegatron will be involved in the production process.

Apple has faced tough challenges in the production of AirPower

A few weeks ago, said developer Steve Troughton-Smith that he has heard that Apple has overcome the technical challenges in AirPower, and can proceed to launch it safely. These challenges included:

◉ Communication problems between AirPower and devices placed on special Apple Watch headphones AirPod and send data to the iPhone, that monitors the charge level of all the devices placed on it. According to Sonny Dickson, specializing in leaks and changes, comprehensive and reviews of the technology.

◉ You of the problems that Apple encountered and delays in production all this time, the problem of the interrelationship of the different sizes of the devices was not large role in the temperature rise of the cargo platform.

◉ Also the complexity of the electronic circuits in the device that like a huge challenge, and that can only be overcome by instructions to the custom led to thickening of the more larger size. But Apple don’t want to make any concessions in design in general, since it must come out in the end design is consistent with the approach Apple.

And what about the box wireless charging for AirPods

Referring to last October, claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo competent in the Apple it may launch AirPower early in the first quarter of 2019, suggesting that it may be the version of the file soon.

It is likely to be found late for AirPower is the reason that Apple didn’t fire until now, cargo tray, wireless headphones, AirPods, for example, such as AirPower stopped the Kuo that he may be the launch of the box wireless charging speaker groups in early 2019 before the advent of the new pair completely in 2020.

What is the platform AiPower

AirPower is a platform that oval shape can charge multiple devices from the Apple products at one time that supports wireless charging, including the iPhone 8 and newer, and hours Apple Series 3 and newer, and AirPods when it is placed in the tray for wireless charging allocated and released with AirPower.

Apple announcement of AirPower for the first time in a play Steve Jobs in September 2017 at the same conference make the iPhone the X. indicated that it will be released sometime in 2018 in a press release. But unfortunately I didn’t check the Apple TV, did not comment on it for several months.

After September 2018, and Apple has removed everything I have said about AirPower from its official website. Despite this, what remains is referred to in the user guides in the iPhone XS and XS Max, and-Von XR. As well as was referred to in a few of the patents Apple modern. The silence of Apple TV in regards to AirPower in the belief of some that the product has been cancelled, but here it comes again.

In the past month, based on documents obtained from the members of the program Made for the iPhone the company informed ChargerLAB to cable Lightning to USB-C provided by a third party and the quality of the Apple TV will also be available in early 2019. Informed the company ChargerLAB for that Apple iPhone XS and-iPhone XS Max and-iPhone the XR you’ll get the power adapter from USB Type-C 18 watt.

In the tweet modern, consult the website ChargerLAB the fate of another claim that one of the suppliers of Apple Pegatron is scheduled to start production for the shipping AirPower in the January 21 rule.

What do you think about the charging platform Apple AirPower is? And are you excited? Tell us in the comments.



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