Figure in the London Technology airport security.. which pedal to detect explosives in shoes, a scanner is a portable smart

You know, tech companies and specialists means of security and detection of explosives, the latest the means to secure the airports, in the British capital London, an exhibition that is funded through the government programme for future aviation security (Fass), the name invests millions of pounds in technical ideas the most promising.

Pedal to detect explosives in shoes

Among these innovations the pedal can detect explosives hidden in shoes, while passing the passengers in the queue in front of the security, the company has developed “housing” Scanna scanner shoes this security using a network of electrodes remote sensing, which scans the running shoes in just a few seconds, to tell the system to alert the security personnel about the discovery of any explosives.

No need to empty the contents of your pockets.

The company “suit” Sequestim, come on get rid of security solution tired, that require take off the jacket and dump the contents of the interior pockets, and when the password of the security gates or during the inspection process.

Used to “suit” the possibilities of artificial intelligence AI with an upgraded version of the severe allergies of scanner “scanner”, currently used in airports, for travellers crossing the security gate at full their clothes, and undergo a strict inspection without emptying the contents of their pockets, and even a distance of 8 meters.

Revealing the contents of electronic devices

The researchers at Durham University have created a system that works with artificial intelligence AI, that converts images of security gates that work with X-rays, to determine the contents of any suspicious and may be hidden inside electronic devices or laptops.

Scanner mobile security

Researchers from University College London and a portable scanner to detect security, he can check the material with which to build any body, researchers are working on developing their technique to the for them to find things and prohibited items reliably, even if it’s hidden inside the bags, without the need to X-ray.

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