FIFA 19 can be new game modes

After six weeks, Electronic Arts will release the next version of football simulator FIFA 19 and, it seems, the developers have prepared several new modes for players.

First and foremost we are talking about ‘survival’. Every time a team will score a goal, one of its players will leave the field. The match ends when one team remains 7 players – to win you need to score 5 goals before the end of play time.

Geymplenyh trailer FIFA 19

In the mode “quick match” will have the opportunity of customization of the game. Gamers will be able to completely disable the referee and play without fouls and offsides. Moreover, you can enable the option to count the goals scored only with the head or volley.

Another innovation could become a 5-on-5. This is a reinvention of the game Fifa Street. In the web you can find some screenshots of the new regime, but it is a fan-made concepts. It is possible that the mode of 5-on-5 will be integrated with the survival mode.

What are you most FIFA 19?

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