Feminism in action: Indian women spend on cryptocurrency more men

According to local exchanger, women in India make a large investment in cryptocurrencies compared to men. However, the stronger sex still leads in the number of investors. About the situation reported by Bitcoinist.

Women investing in cryptocurrencies

Local exchange BuyUcoin conducted a survey on the topic of cryptocurrencies. It turns out that in India most ladies spend on crypt – an average of about two thousand dollars. Men have more modest appetites – an ordinary citizen of the country prefers to invest up to thousands of dollars.

Representatives BuyUcoin interviewed more than 60 000 citizens from different regions. CEO BuyUcoin shivam has Thakral links the volume of investment women their age.

Usually women after 40 are investing their money in cryptocurrencies. Consequently, they have accumulated more funds for investment. But men begin the career of the investor before the age of 30.

In the statistics the number of investors with the men leading by a huge margin. 90 percent of the citizens of India who are interested in the crypt belong to the stronger sex.

We will remind, in the spring of Reserve Bank of India has tightened control over the circulation of cryptocurrency in the country. In the summer representatives of the Bank admitted that as it should not have studied the issue of the digital asset before such a drastic decision.

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