FedEx unveils robot package delivery Roxo in the UAE

Announced FedEx Express FedEx Express, a transport company, a highway the biggest in the world, a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation FedEx, that the first appearance of a global view of the (FedEx Roxo) robotic will be in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Is considered (FedEx Roxo) a carriage-driving to deliver packages, and were designed to be able to navigate on sidewalks and university roads to deliver small shipments to customers in their homes and workplaces.

The device has many advantages, such as the technical integrity of the existing chairs (iBot) animation, as well as other cutting-edge technologies Ester (LiDAR) and several cameras, which allows the robot battery the ability to perceive his surroundings.

These, coupled with the advantages of boards attached to a machine that allows monitoring the obstacles and overcoming them, and identifying the tracks are safe, let the robot follow the rules of the road and safety.

These technical capabilities Android significantly and allow them to cross unpaved surfaces and edges of the sidewalks, and even climb some stairs to elevate the experience of home delivery to new heights.

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In this regard, the said James muse, regional president of FedEx Express Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Africa: the experience at the time of the current selection processes (FedEx Roxo) in the United States.

Added “play this Android a new role in the processes of delivery in the last mile, a need that didn’t meet her until the time that any of the services or automated processes, other and warrant to us the impressions of customers taking the conditions of actual use into account as early as possible during the development process, continued capabilities (FedEx Roxo)”.

And is expected to join the Dubai Future Cities that are choosing this service in the United States, such as Memphis, Tennessee; and Manchester in New Hampshire; and the and swallow, Fresno, Texas.

He explained the museum to vans (FedEx SameDay Bot) to deliver parcels on the same day represents innovative that would change the scene of operations delivery self high-tech upon request.

He said flood protection to be the Dubai of the first global cities that are witnessing the emergence of (FedEx Roxo), as I’ve always known Dubai globally as a city looking towards the future, especially through its regulatory framework and infrastructure of world-class, and environment of the fertile and opportune to test the adoption of processes robotic, and look forward to test (FedEx Roxo) here in the future.

It should be noted that FedEx intends to cooperate with companies from different sectors to assist them in assessing their needs and opportunities in Dubai.

The operations evaluation of the local future to be conducted in the same manner currently followed in the United States, particularly in terms of collection, analysis and recommendations from a select group of clients about their needs and requirements.

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