Features visual search Get engine ping on Android and iOS

ميزات بحث بصرية يحصل عليها محرك بينج على أندرويد و iOS

This month, check the function of visual search engine Bing “Bing” further improvements, as Microsoft today announced, so if you haven’t use visual search so far, you may need to know that the feature allows users to Bing search, shopping and more about the world through the pictures they take or images that they see.

In the new additions for this job, has been expanding its capacity further by adding the feature “copy text”, as well as improvements to the dialog box “visual search”, in addition to the advantage Math Solver, which actually reached to the users of iOS, with the launch of the company promises the arrival of this last feature for Android users later this month.

In respect of the definition with a Math Solver, is a feature of iron in the ping allows users to solve mathematical equations, including calculus, simply by taking pictures pressing the sport button operations button in the bottom menu between Auto and Barcode.

The other feature is the “copy text”, they are basically a extract text from image, for example, you can capture the image of the telephone number, email or website, simply you can call or send an email, or visit the site directly.

Finally Microsoft has decided to make search through the images on the Bing.com easier by re-design the dialog, and by adding the option to drag and drop the image, either from Bing or from the desktop directly for the community.

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