Features version by Apple from Google in iOS 12


Apple officially launched the iOS update 12, to the users phones iPhone, where the company unveiled about a group of nurses that came like some features of Android operating system which monitor highlighted as follows:

– Shortcuts collected

The abundance of Apple to its users the advantage of assembling notifications, where you can now assemble the notifications that it receives the user with the applications instead of displaying each notification separately, as will the system also allows users the possibility of quick actions such as ignore the development of the app directly from the lock screen which is similar to the Android system.

– Battery information

As will now page the battery inside the settings app running Apple’s a lot of detail about the user’s use of the phone applications, which is similar to the didn’t know his operating system Android.

– Full automatic passwords

It is known that the Android system allows users to full automatic data and passwords, but this feature has recently arrived for iOS 12 also, which is allows users to recover passwords at a speed of external actors, such as 1Password.

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