Features the Apple Watch will suffer from poor battery life because of the update WatchOS 6

Apple Watch Series 4

One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to embrace smart watches is the battery life. After all, containing most of the regular hours on the batteries that can last for years, while some do not need to change the batteries, so the idea that your watch is smart may not be able to hold out for about a whole week to look alarming.

Unfortunately, for some million hours Apple Watch, it seems they’re after you install the update WatchOS 6, they are suffering from low battery life. According to one of the comments on the social network Reddit, has stated : ” I’ve got the battery life is worse compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, so that I got on the Apple Watch Series 4 new I’ll give the Apple Watch Series 5 of my own tomorrow. I don’t want to disable the Always On Display because it eliminates honestly the purpose of buying it in the first place. “

As you have seen in the comment above, it seems that this bug affects all models of the Apple Watch, including Apple Watch the new Series 5. Some users claim they were lucky in prolonging the battery life by disabling or reducing the number of tasks that are processed, but we feel that this is not the case because it limits the use of users for the Apple Watch.

We hope to include Apple TV battery problems plaguing the Apple Watch and the issuance of new update would address these problems.

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