Features models of different rulers Xiaomi

Many gadgets Xiaomi is worthy of approval, since it was created taking into account wishes of users. On the official forum of the company’s manufactured products, especially smartphones, is discussed by the users, who are asked to Refine certain aspects. Therefore, Xiaomi is valued in China, Russia, Europe, because it is really customer-centric brand that produces the actual devices.

The man who has no time to translate the contents of the forum, not so easy to know which model is suitable for games, photos, etc. to Help intended line that have a number of features. They are focused on a specific audience.

Large spread, manufacturers are required to smartphone Mi-One. He is the founder of the Mi series, models of which are flagships. In order to cover the maximum number of people, after a time, was running the infamous line Redmi.

Universal Redmi

The creators have not stinted to produce affordable gadgets with a wide range of technical characteristics. Here are the different phones — from simple plastic packages and a small diagonal, and multi-functional options like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

The name Red Rice, Hongmi mean that before you a budget version of the smartphone Xiaomi. The creators of Chinese brand realized that by redoing Communicator with expensive chipsets Qualcomm high performance for a cheaper version (a series of younger platform Media Tek) will reduce the cost of production. Therefore, technology and cheaper, the functionality is varied, until the fingerprint sensor in Redmi 5, 5-Plus, more information about which information is on the link.

Features of Mi-models

The flagship version is divided into a variety of devices — basic, enhanced, enhanced. Different parameters of the price factor, but created using the latest for Xiaomi technology.

Options are average in size — Mi4, Mi5. Intended for effective people, balanced in the properties, without excesses in any direction. For those who need the versatility and excellent quality.


Basically it is slightly modified versions of flagships. For example, Mi5i, Mi5S, Mi5c etc. They have powerful hardware, while developed for the specific requirements of customers (increased diagonal, smaller size, more properties).

Phablets Note

This apparatus with a very large screen (diagonal starts from five and a half inches). Their function is to provide fans high-tech handhelds devices (Note Pro). Xiaomi company details suitable here to balance between functionality, hardware, design, price availability. These are the main factors that attract connoisseurs of mobile technology to purchase. A characteristic feature is the large capacity of the battery. The stock battery in these devices long enough.

Plantation Max

The diagonal of the above gadgets some user was not enough, so there was Mi-Max (6.44 inches at the Communicator). The settings made for the needs of your audience with new technologies, are not very power, but quite comfortable and practical.

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