Features are required when buying a smart phone

Buying a smart phone the process is a bit complicated. If you have to think a lot in any type or any company you choose, but if you’re a fan of a certain company when you will be aware of all the small and large about the phones new and then decide to buy or upgrade with ease and without the trouble of thinking. If you don’t care condition specific you’ll long to think about the power of the processor, radio, memory and most importantly the quality of the cameras, design, color, etc. The truth is that the majority of the smartphones Existing on the coast with all the basic elements that are almost convergent to a large extent. In this article, we will have as far as possible, how to choose your new phone by offering a range of professional requirements that are overlooked by many.

مميزات مطلوبة عند شراء هاتف ذكي

Phone plated anti-fat and oils

Regardless of the screen resolution and the extent of its brightness, there are other details you should focus on like to be the phone’s screen coated with a chemical hater of fat. In order to prevent fingerprints, so as not to lose the screen quality and smoothness becomes poor with the passage of time. So you check the phone before buy it, make sure Well that the screen resistant to oils and fats.

That the phone has glass Corning Gorilla

Make sure that the screen contain a protection layer of Corning Gorilla Glass I didn’t enjoy the durability and absorption of shocks and falls or at least reduce the size of the risk exposure of the fracture. You can find these specifications at any reviews of the phone.

Do you choose LCD or OLED

OLED screens are more young development in smart phones is dedicated for the senior category, the content of multiple properties to provide energy due to disabled pixels and black color for work. However, it is more expensive but it is not always better. So that the LCD can be brighter and visible at special times in the sun. II feature LCD LCD display which is characterized by displaying natural colors more screen compared to the OLED known for their skepticism of colors upon the deep. All the two screens are adorable and you can choose depending on your preferences.

The type of storage unit

When you buy a smart phone it is necessary to take into account the type of unit or storage card, not focus on capacity only. Which affect the internal storage in each procedure you perform on your phone in terms of performance such as speed in writing and reading data. Which miss the when you review a phone before you buy it. Featuring the best phones memory card type UFS 2.1 the fastest in the read data more efficient in energy conservation. If you are looking for a phone less make sure that contains the card type of memory eMMC 5.1 at least. Can access that information via the official page of the organization or through audits external reliable.

That phone has a Operating System original subject to future updates

May need a phone that you’d like to buy the latest apps and operating system. But it might be a trick if I didn’t have a manufacturer’s goals for the future of constant updates for at least two or three years in the future as in the case of Apple, which may exceed three years.

That contain a camera selfie on the HDR

To provide a clearer and more balanced is to provide the HDR feature in almost most of the camera phones background. More recently, companies have started to many other add for the front camera. HDR feature you disable the dynamic range of the image are not affected by the image by pressing the sharp and the image output is good and accurate. Make sure to contain your phone’s Camera Front HDR feature if you want a selfie great.

A dedicated microphone to reduce noise

With smartphones becoming smarter and more advanced by the day but it can be overlooked for the development of essential features. One of them is the microphone. Work some companies now on the make and model of microphone ad-hoc noise cancellation. So we have to consider this point well.

Provide accessories

No doubt that when we offer to buy a new phone to buy with other accessories such as the protection of the company or the pod or other accessories and accessories. You need to make sure of the availability of those accessories are not available mostly only for popular phones the most widespread author of the renowned brands.


Gyro-sensor or the gyro sensor does not use of several of the most important ones used in augmented reality applications. Make sure that your phone has this sensor.

Of course that’s not possible only that should be our focus, but we have mentioned because most of us overlooked. There are also a range of the technical requirements of the tasks that we need to understand the gear and its types. We will mention in a separate article Insha Allah provided.

Are there other hidden overlooked by many users when purchasing a smartphone? Tell us in the comments.



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