Feature usage time in iOS system 12 may strike some as

May force water in the new operating system iOS 12 many users to rethink their lifestyle and try to reduce the times long they spend on their mobile devices, so when a new update to their devices this fall.

The list of system settings New a new set of features called Screen Time collects data about the number of times that you use your phone it also includes statistics about the most frequently used applications and the number of notifications received by the total time of operation, it is expected that water will be surprised of millions of people.

And a lot of users who think that they don’t have a problem with the phone so after downloading the trial version of the system, and with an average phone use per day, which exceeds five hours and the number of times to unlock the phone each day, which exceed 250 times higher than the women that they may guess it without these statistics.

The advantage of “screen time” a commonplace topic of conversation among persons who traveled to California to attend the Conference of Apple’s annual developers and many of those present were discussing the overuse of the phone in general they were reluctant also in the participation statistics official, as if they were an embarrassing Secret.

Even Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said the numbers surprised him, cook said in an interview with network (car.I.I) television “I thought I was disciplined somewhat on this, but I was wrong, when I started getting the statistics, I found that I spend much more time than they should”.

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