Feature save data in Chrome for Android now supports working with HTTPS pages

خاصية توفير البيانات في كروم أندرويد تدعم الآن العمل مع صفحات HTTPS

For years, I had the Chrome browser on the Android platform feature to provide the data, however, this did not work, water or property on the HTTPS pages are safe, so they have become elusive because most sites stay away from HTTP pages gas-safe, but starting from version Chrome 73 which is about to be launched over the next few days on Android, supports this feature now HTTPS pages.

In this regard you Google “that the provision of these data may reduce data usage by up to 90%, to work on loading pages twice as fast as, and if you have a good connection, then you can only grant minor modifications to the page”, however, if you have data connection is very slow, the ability of the browser to the page you’ll need more than 5 seconds to load it fully, then Chrome displays the lite version automatically.

Here the page is rendered by servers of Google and sent to the user, and similar to the way Opera Mini, you might say Chrome here to submit the whole site, so it will allow browser users to switch to the normal version with one click, to be able to sites and also from opt-in simple mode.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier is the advantage of providing data “Data Saver” the new part of the version of Chrome 73, which is currently already on the desktop, and to see available over the next few days on store Google Play.

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