Feature (mute notifications) approaching from Gmail


ميزة (كتم الاخطارات) تقترب من بريد Gmail
Feature (mute notifications) approaching from Gmail

Probably will be a very important feature to the mail application Gmail to store my Apple partition during the days (maybe weeks) for the next few, a feature to mute notifications for a while .

Feature to mute notifications (Snooze) exist already since the year 2014 on the application of the Inbox , and it’s great to see Google push it to the application of gimli the main, where not meaning to stay away from him .

Mute the notifications meaning I choose to mute the arrival of the notification conversation specific in your email for a period of time, this does not mean that the mail won’t reach us, but he will be silent without notifying all the cities established by the predecessor of the settings .

New version of mail, gimli holds the number and now on my shop Apple and Android .

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