Feature Instagram Direct adds support for voice messages


Instagram Direct is the place where users can Instagram chat with their friends on the same social network. Having said that, it has got this feature today on a new feature that was supposed to go to this service for a very long time, this new feature that we’re talking about here is the feature of voice messages.

It’s basically a carbon copy of the voice messaging feature that made its way to the platform of Facebook Messenger over the past five years, they work exactly the same way, and has the same restrictions. Since Facebook owns Instagram, it is puzzling that it took a long time to integrate this feature. Maybe it was Instagram too busy lately to mimic the application Snapchat.

Anyway, starting from today, you should see a new icon shaped microphone new in individual conversations and group your. By clicking on that icon you will be able to record voice messages-one-minute. At the moment when the pressure on the microphone icon, you will be sent the voice message. If you do not want to send it, just slide your finger to the trashcan icon that appears during registration.


Not expire audio messages, and call asynchronous through the pictures, especially in the moments where the text messages comfortable or feel that it will not enable you to express ideas more quickly or better. Regardless of the condition of use, you must be the new feature is already available on feature Instagram Direct on two platforms Android and iOS.



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