Feature Face ID will support landscape mode in iOS 12.1, most likely for the tablet and iPad new

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We’ve heard many rumors that hinted that the tablet-the iPad Pro coming later this year will come with a feature to identify the three-dimensional on the face, Face ID, a security feature appeared for the first time with the phone iPhone X that was released in the latter part of last year. Although it was just a rumor, but there are signals suggesting that it may be true already, thanks to code that has been spotted in the iOS system 12, but there seems to be more evidence that allude to that possibility.

In the demo version the latest iOS 12.1 has been monitoring some of the code that suggest that face detection Face ID will enter the horizontal position. Some might think now that this may be for the iPhone, but as pointed out by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, that it imposes on the apple re-arrange the sensors on the iPhone, which means that we can rule out the iPhone out of the equation.

Instead, it seems to support the feature of Face ID time horizontal will likely be a for new iPad, especially when you take into consideration that the majority of users are using their tablet to their in a horizontal position because this situation provides more space to watch videos, browse the web, drawing, etc. Didn’t know Apple even now on the tablet the new iPad and many expect to be announced at the event that announced the Apple for iPhone new in last week.

Obviously this did not happen which means that Apple will most likely in the next month, it is known for Apple as they learn about new products in that period of the year sometimes.



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