Feature en Emoji on the Galaxy S9 is good, but they don’t follow your face well

Samsung shaken with a name that launched the iPhone X, which is the water that you use expressions, the user’s face as a symbol of the emoji excited. And now, launched a feature similar to phones Galaxy S9 which called EN the Emoji. Tops take Silva posted the camera settings turn your face into an emoji in less than a minute. From there, you can customize the sound with tones, hairstyles and add glasses and choose the appropriate fashion. Once you’ve finished tweaking, there are a few types of emoji that you can chosen. Most interestingly, you can turn your own face into an emoji excited by recording a short video clip. These properties are provided by water is wonderful, and you can embody the emoji of different species such as animals, or in the future may be added other figures such as Disney characters, for example, water has a tremendous amount of potential, but doesn’t seem to have the smoothness of the professional Apple TV, until now. Is likely that the camera sensor of the iPhone X says to obtain the best drawing of your face from the front camera compared to the results of the front camera is a mess S9, and this problem has resolved we improved with time thanks to technology and training. Read also:

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