Feature Clear Chats New will allow users Snapchat delete messages


Will the users of Snapchat soon on the new feature announced by the company today. This feature is called Clear Chats, as John called it will help users get rid of their messages even if they have been viewed or saved by the recipient. This will essentially enable the users of Snapchat withdraw the letter after you send it or delete it just to fix a problem such as a typo before sending another message. This feature will be available for messages sent by the users in individual conversations and group.

Confirmed Snapchat today that the feature to Clear Chat will allow users to delete messages that they sent in individual conversations and group even after it is displayed or saved by the recipient.

Users who want to delete a message, first open the conversation where the message was sent on that they want removed. They can then long press on the message and clicking ” Delete | Delete “. This works also with the media that have been sent in the conversation such as video, audio, posters, etc. Once you click on ” delete “ will delete the message or media will alert the recipient that the message may have been deleted.

If you don’t see the recipient or any person in a group conversation message, you won’t be required. Won’t be able to this feature from the Delete screen images that may be the recipient has met her or if you take a picture of the screen of the device using a smartphone, so it’s always better to be cautious when sending things to the account over the internet.



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